With  a deck of cards perform exercises as drawn for each of the following:

Hearts = pushups
Diamonds = situps
Clubs = squats
Spades = burpees

Numbered cards are done for reps as numbered
Face cards are 10 reps
Aces are 15 reps
Jokers = 400m run (Winter sub - 2 min hiney RIP)

As soon as 1/2 the class is done with the card - we move on!
Rx is awarded to those who do all the reps on all the cards and finish with the class.

Daily Extras - Add 3 reps to every card that is called - and try to keep up!

Workout Notes: 

  • If it is icy where you are, sub the joker runs for 2 min of high knee RIP.
  • The record for an entire class completing this workout is 18:28.  Not that we are into racing through workouts, or anything.  It's just and interesting fact we thought we'd share. 
  • The longest string of burpees for this workout was 42.

No, I don't like those fast spinning cable jump ropes. They are the prima donnas of rope jumping. They'll last about 30 seconds before hitting your foot and bending. What?! A wire cable will bend if you swing it around really fast and hit it against stuff (namely shoes)? Hmm, I guess I should of thought of that before spending roughly $30.00 and eagerly waiting 7-10 days to have it shipped.

Maybe it IS just that my double under technique needs work, but that bent wire cable whipping around at high speed seems a little harder to miss, if you ask me. Speaking of a small cable wire whipping around at high speed, ever been hit by one of those? 

After about half a minute of sheer double under bliss you are likely to miss. When that happens, your $30.00 treasure will, as I said before, bend. The bends will lead to kinks. You'll put up with bends and kinks for a very long time while you struggle to get your money's worth out of that silly little wire cable. Eventually, after it hits the floor about 50 or 60 times the plastic will wear off the cable exposing tiny wires. Once this happens the cable will fray.  Ever been hit by a small cable wire whipping around at high speed with tiny sharp daggers hanging out of it? If you are lucky those daggers will catch on your shoelaces before snagging your spandex leggings. Don't ask. 

Who jumps rope without letting the rope hit the floor? 

Pics of ropes I found hanging out at the gym. Yes, there is duct tape on one of them.


My fav is the note on the wall in where folks hide their wire ropes in the back room. Ha! Second to that is that balled up little one hiding behind the foam rollers!