Warm-up -

5 min  Swiss Ball Balance Drill (seated)
5 min Swiss Ball Balance Drill (knees on)

Workout -

5 sets of each: 

10 plyo box jumps 15"
5 box jumps AHiAP
10 weighted situps AHAP

Rest 3-5 min between each set.
Post consecutive plyo jumps, height of box jumps & weight used for situps to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

  1. No extras today.
  2. There is a reason we haven't done this workout in over 18 months. It's tricky. Please read all notes and suggestions. But, it's awesome! It's also one of the most requested workouts (you're welcome Josh!).
  3. To do this workout correctly, you must take 3-5 min rest between each set. It doesn't matter how fit you are, the nervous system and ATP-PC energy pathway takes a certain amount of time to recharge. Generally, it's no less than 3 mins.
  4. If you are jumping while tired, you are doing it wrong. No benefits for you. Well, not many. 
  5. If you are in a hurry, you could do the weighted situps between sets of jumps.
  6. If you are over 40 consider doing THIS mod.
  7. Box jumps got you intimidated? THIS will inspire. 

For AHAP Weighted Situps: 

  • You MAY lift your legs to complete the lift. 

  • You MUST remain in control of the movement at all times. 

  • Complete the move by sitting straight up with arms extended above head, bar perfectly above mid-line. 

After thoughts: 

  Plyo Box Jumps are much different from our standard box jump.  To get the plyometric effect, you have to initiate a pre-stretch response.  The pre-stretch response is the automatic guarding (or, reflex) action of connective tissues once rapid force is applied. 

If you can learn to time your jump with the pre-stretch response (that shakiness in Janetha's heel) you'll become more powerful.  More power gives a person the ability to jump higher, run faster and be more athletic.

Don't care about that? Yes you do! You use elements of athleticism every day. How else would you run up stairs?   

Lisa demos (below) the most efficient way to determine your AHiAP Box Jump.  Don't over-think this.  Start lower than you normally would.  Remember, there are 20 today.  Save some energy for the end. 

BTW - I cut it off early, but she got those jumps with 4 plates!  STRONG work Lisa.