Warm-up -  3 sets of each.

1 min stab plank holds
10 bar pushups

Workout -  5 supersets of each.

8-12 reps of stab chest press AHAP
15-20 reps of stab chest flys AHAP

Post weights and reps used per set to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

In addition to the DW perform:

50 monster complexes 45/65

Post done to comments.

Workout Notes:

Ever wonder what the difference is between a press and a fly? 

  • It has to do with forearm position during a multi-joint DB or cable/band movement. More specifically the slope of the forearm, or angle at the elbow joint.  
  • At the bottom of the movement, while lying on your back with arms abducted (horizontally and laterally), if your wrists are stacked directly above the elbows and there is a 90 deg (or smaller) angle at the elbow joint (top), you are pressing.
  • At the bottom of the movement, while you are lying on your back, if your wrists are aligned outside of the elbows (arms abducted horizontally and laterally), and the angle at the elbow joint is greater than 90 degrees your doing a fly. (bottom)
  • To make it simpler, look for the slope of the forearm. Stacked straight up or sloped in = pressing. Sloped out = fly.  

I'm SO proud of what they are doing at GPP NWA.  

After being in business for just 2 years they are expanding. Not just a little bit. They are going BIG. Full sized lap pools (4-5 lanes), day care, cardio, Yoga, spin - all of it - PLUS GPP. 18,000 sq/ft of fitness fun! 

They are creating the future of health and fitness.

Pool is already open!

Pool is already open!

See, the old health and fitness industry is dying and no one (outside of GPP) can figure out why. Frankly, I'm happy to see it go. Happier still to see that folks like GPP NWA are leading the charge to take down a fraudulent industry. 

Wait a minute. Did you say FRAUDULENT? Isn't that a bit harsh?

Not really. It's all true, but I'm willing to help them. Here is an open letter to the "Health and Fitness" industry, at large: 

Dear fitness industry (especially in NWA, Elgin OK, Merida MX, Durham CA), 

Wanna know why you are dying? It's because you are a SCAM. People are on to you. They get it. They know what you really want. You want folks to wander into your facilities, plunk down and credit card, get locked into a 24 month contract then GO THE FRICK AWAY! To NEVER EVER come back. 

Are you really surprised that your clients are sick of your antics? After all, you have NO intention of helping them get fit. If your clients get fit it costs you money. It means they are using your facility. Your business plan can't handle people USING your facility. If they do they'll wear out your machines, which you'll have to pay money to repair; they'll get the place dirty, which causes your cleaning bill to skyrocket; they'll fill the place up, which intimidates future members and costs you sales; they'll demand more time and attention from your staff and you'll have to hire more! Nope. You don't want them at your facilities which is why you built them to NOT serve your clients needs in the first place. Trust me, it's not lost on your clients that you built these bona fide palaces of fitness, but left out all the instructions.

BTW - what WAS the your training method? Oh, that's right, you don't have one. I gotta tell you, that seems like a missed opportunity. Some of you guys have been around for more than 50 years and STILL can't tell a person how to be fit. It's weird. Just weird.

What's funny is, GPP NWA (OK, MX, CA, UT) isn't trying to take down the health and fitness industrial complex. They are just trying to help folks be healthier. They are providing the very thing folks expected when they went to your gyms in the first place. What you promised they'd get if they signed a 2 yr contract. GPP NWA (OK, MX, CA, UT) is giving to your clients what you promised them you'd give, then under-delivered - deliberately.

Yep. Unless they stop scamming folks and start providing ACTUAL health and fitness, I'll be glad to see them go. Even more glad to be, in a very small way, a part of the reason they will eventually be gone. Like the way I just took some of the credit for what GPP NWA is doing.  Haha. I get it. It's NOT me, but I'm going to take some credit anyway. HA! :)

Congrats GPP NWA. Thank you for leading the way. You inspire.