5 rounds for time:

25 plate cleans 25/45
25 double unders
25 burpees

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Daily Extras -

  • Add 5 kipping pullups to each round. 
  • Sub burpee box jumps for burpees. This will actually feel easier, but is a bit more work and extends the time of the workout.

Workout Notes:

  • Plate cleans have 2 squats in them.
  • If you can breeze 25 double unders do them backwards.
  • Slow your burpees down a little today. Sometimes we get in a hurry and do a version of burpees which aren't complete. There is more benefit in a burpee that is done right.  
  • How to do a kipping pullup
  • The Burpee: King of All Exercises

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