10 min AMRAP:

250 m row
20 hanging Aussies
20 alt. DB biceps curls 15/20 (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.  Rest 1 min. 

10 min AMRAP:

20 plate squats 25/45
20 lunge switches (L+R=1)
200m run

Post rounds completed.  Rest one min.

10 min AMRAP:

20 incline pushups
20 OH triceps ext. 15/25
20 mountain climbers (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.  

Workout Notes: 

  • A guy emailed me a pic of himself doing hanging Aussies from a treadmill with his feet on a stability ball once. A group I know of does hanging Aussies by lowering rings almost to the floor. 
  • It's simple, grab a plate 25/45, hug it like you LOVE it & squat. No weighted plates? A kid will do. Or a very large cat. Amy says her cat is, like, 40 lbs. Not joking. 
  • I realize those switches are mean to call for after thrusters yesterday. In my defense, half of the time we were doing burpees. :)
  • Can't believe I've been uploading exercises to YouTube for over 5 years and even after more than 452 vids uploaded, we still don't have a "mountain climber" posted. I suck. I know I recorded one. Just don't know what I did with it. The video demo I found is close. They just don't know to touch the knee and elbow together at the top of every rep like we do. 
  •  OK, cool. If you are WAY sore from the thrusters, you should probably skip the switches. 

Seems like he's already go a pretty good handle on it. But HERE is some help anyway.