1000m row


Complete 3 straight sets of each of the following:

6 deadlifts (moderate)
6 power cleans (moderate)
8 PSC (moderate)

Take 3-5 mins rest between each set.
It's not a good idea to super set today.
Post weights used to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. Remember, we are only JUST getting back into our heavy stuff after a long summer running and shaping. Since we haven't been going heavy with power lifts or parts of the OLYs, some of you will need to scale back a bit until your body is up to speed. How can you know if you need to scale back a bit? If you are wondering - you do!
  2. Each rep is touch and go! Don't count the set if you are dropping between each rep. That being said,
  3. DROP that stupid bar if you get in trouble. Where people get hurt most often is while trying to recover a fast lift (power clean, PSC) that has been missed.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER a good idea. If that bar isn't precisely where you want it when you accelerate it to the racked position - BAIL! Live to lift another set, man.
  4. Might consider trowing down 50-100 stab situps after this workout to decompress the spine a bit.
  5. Those of you doing the new shaping bias, go ahead and use this for DL day, if you like.

If I were a decorator (why not?!), and someone asked me to do the floors in their house (it could happen ...), I'd do this! Love how pushups & pullups days make this place look.