6 rounds for time:

20 KB swings 25/35
20 KB clusters 25/35
20 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Workout Notes:

  1. Grip will become an issue. Find places in the movement to "rest." 
  2. Low back will take a beatin' if you aren't using good form. #neutralspine
  3. No extras on a Saturday.

Thoughts on this workout last time we did it. 

Also, my OCD was wigging out with the 20 swings 20 clusters 20 swings. Because this was for time, I would go right through so it was 20 swings 20 clusters, 40 swings, 20 clusters, 40 swings, etc. seems simple enough but my math logic gets all sorts of crazy and shuts down when working out. So I was all over the place in my workout brain. “Am I on 20 or 40? No wait, now I am always doing 40, well ya but on the last one I only have to do 20. How many clusters have I done? Ok just count 20 swings. Ya but you have to do 40. Shoot. Am I on round 3? Well, crap. Just do 40 swings. Wait, but on the last one, I only have to do 20.
Those clusters are terrible - 2 squats for one rep is just not nice!
— K-Sauce
Good Good stuff, Neil! Loved Clusters!!!! Talk about your double whammy. Perfect for nailing it ALL: felt it in my quads, glutes, back, shoulders, bis, & forearms! Whole body burn for me.
More clusters, please??? :)
— OKState-Mel
...surprisingly hard.
Took Neil’s advice and paused between each round to help with the weird counting.
— Deb

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