5 rounds for time:

10 power cleans 65/95
10 pullups
10 KB swings 35/53
10 sideways box jumps R
10 sideways box jumps L
100 rope jumps

Post time to comments.

When Meg was 38/39 weeks along (with Ryker), she came to one of the very early morning workouts.  We were doing deep Sumo side steps with a hold at the bottom of the movement.  The workout was OTC and I was calling reps.   

Near the end of the second, or third round as we were all holding our breath to get through the pain of the last couple of reps, we heard a SPLAT!  We gasped as we looked back toward Meg and saw a puddle of water beneath where she was squatting.   

Suppressing shock and very near panic, we were all about to spring into action.  In mere seconds the entire room would disintegrate into utter chaos.  But the big, wry grin she was unable to subdue betrayed her.  That, and the little broken shell of a water-balloon on the ground. 

Tuesday, during Shredder a new peep asked, "When do we stretch?"