AMRAP for 35 min:

25 ski squats (band) medium/heavy
25 kettlebell swings 25/35
25 burpees
25 double unders (75 singles)

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Run 400 m for every round you complete directly after the workout. 

Workout Notes: 

Ski Squat Extras

Fresh Week

We've got a fun week in store for you next week. 5 all new workouts! 

Also, we are kicking off the lecture series next week. Please join us Wednesday, Oct. 21st for GPP Nutrition training. Come learn how to use GPP Nutrition tools to benefit all the working out you are doing. 

If your hands are slippery (just lotioned), sometimes it's enough to just pat a little chalk onto them. Gives you just a bit more grip. 

Thing is, if you are doing pullups, like a lot of them, it's best to "chalk-up." When you "chalk-up," completely cover you hands in a fine layer, or two. Doing this gives you more grip PLUS a rip buffer. After 50 pullups, ANY skin exposed to the bar has a possibility of ripping. Putting a layer, or two of chalk between skin and the bar will help prevent rips. HINT: tomorrow.