For time:

1000 m row
800 m run
50 lunges
50 alt DB biceps curls 15/20 (conditioning style)
50 knees to shoulders
50 OH triceps french press 20/35
50 side lateral raises 10/15
50 situps
5 min rope jumps

Post time to comments.
You may do these in any order using any partitioning method

Workout Notes:

Yes, you have to do this one today. Have to. It's part of this whole HELLth Week x3. You can do it.

Actually, this will be a bit of a break compared to yesterday (and Monday). After this, make sure you get some rest this weekend. As tough as this week was, we are amping it up a notch next week. Don't worry. You are fitter (positive this is a word) now. You can handle a bit more. 

Careful with that run. If you live where it is icy exchange it for a 4 min run in place, or preferably, against bands.  

"Rec." is short for recovery.  

It's hard to post here. We've been frustrated by this for years. There is just something about Square Space (our website platform) that makes it hard to post comments. They've made improvements over the years, like drastically, but still it's hard.

I've talked to them many times about this. I've even posted the results of those talks here on the site. Mainly our talks go something like this: 

Me: PLEASE help us. Please!

Them: Yeah, sorry. We've checked. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong. At all. 

Me: But we've had scores, if not, hundreds of complaints. Here are a few of them ...

Them: Yeah, nope. Not seeing it. Those people must be crazy, or something. 

Here's the thing. There is a plugin. It's called discuss. We can override this web platform's comments offerings with another one. It would make sharing comments much slicker (liking, photos, etc.). It's very cool stuff. We'd have done this a year ago, but there is one problem. Enabling the plugin erases all past comments. See where we are going with this? 

I'm wondering this:

  1. Is the commenting section so bad that it is worth losing all of our past times and performance results? Just wipe the plate clean and start over? Hopefully, this time with a better commenting solution? 

Would sincerely appreciate your thoughts on this.      

Rocky shows us some love!