OYOC - (On YOUR own count)

Shoulder Medley - 4 rounds then move on

           20 front raises 15/20
           20 upright row 15/20
           20 OH press 15/20

After each round, take 20 walking lunge steps (R+L=2). This is your "rest."

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds then move on

            10 narrow push-ups  BW
            20 skull crushers 15/20           
            20 OH French press 15/20

After each round, complete 20 box jumps. This is your "rest."

Ab Medley - 4 rounds then move on

            20 situps 
            20 R side ups 
            20 L side ups            
            20 Superman back ext's 

After each round complete 15 burpees. This is your "rest."

Biceps 21’s - 4 rounds then move on   (see demo)      

            7 bottom to half 25/45
            7 half to full 25/45
            7 full 25/45

After each round, complete 20 Aussie pullups. This is your "rest." Yep, this one is going to sting a bit. 

Post Rx or reps completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

for lunges, add 20 reps (R+L=2)
for box jumps, add 10 reps
for burpees, add 10 reps
for Aussies, add 10 reps

Workout Notes:

Two down! We gave you a bit of a break from soreness yesterday. Not that Vike + isn't a good workout. It is!  It's just designed to minimize soreness. Hopefully, it'll help you recover from "Specter."

After today, you are going to get a little sore. Unlike most of our HELLth weeks, we are putting a bit of programming into these workouts so that you can go 3 full weeks.

Stack the sets immediately upon each other as the trainer would OTC. Then go immediately into the "active rest" exercise. Can't doddle here. Get the extras done quickly and then get back to work on the triplets. If you spend too much time away from the STABs you'll get too much rest. "Too much rest" means you won't get all the shaping benefits of this workout. Try not to rest more than a single minute. :30s is ideal. 

How are you doing? Sore? Me too. My biceps femoris (lateral hammys) are so sore I can't touch them. Can't even sit on them unless I'm utterly still. If you've ever been a bit angry at me and would like me to suffer, flick a penny at the backs of my legs. I'll go down in a heap. I will also suck my thumb and cry for my mama. 

It's meant to be this way **SMH**. Nothing like a little push early in the year to set the right tone. 

I've had a re-think about what I wrote yesterday. The real challenge is not just getting through the door for the next 21 days, it's what comes after the 21 days. Do you have plans for this? Would love to hear them. Please share to comments.  

"#GPP Fitness Yo!" (Alex, Shailey, McKinley, Safari)