Warm up - 

800m run


5 sets of:
shoulders to OH AHAP + 15 steps (frontward and backwards) OH carry

5 sets of:
deadlifts AHAP + 15 steps (frontward & backwards) above knee carry 

Post highest weight achieved per set to comments.

Daily Extras - 

2 min plate switches
1600 m row

Workout Notes:

  • Vets - Go a little heavier.
  • Stay plastic with your sets. Let the weight of each set migrate up or down as needed.
  • Blood Circle - Also known as a safety circle.  It is the area within the radius of your extended arm plus a 4' blade (think Samurai sword) extending from your hand.  Anything/anyone within that area is susceptible to injury if the blade touches them.  At GPP the "Blood Circle" is within the area where someone may become injured if a weight is dropped. 

Interesting read ...

The Worst Nutrition Advice in History? - Kris Gunnars

Don't forget about the Dub Nutrition "Reset" this weekend. It's this Friday and Saturday. Workouts and Lectures all good stuff. I'm particularly excited about the Kettlebells with James Sjostrom and the Nutrition class with Caralee Burton! Might even check out the Flexibility stuff with Jennifer Wilkins. 

Purchase your tickets today by contacting customer service at 855-dubitup or via email customerservice@dubnutrition.com

Ute Dance Team tearing it up at 06:30! They put in a LOT of work. It's no wonder they have to be in such great shape.