For time:

50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
2 min unilateral running biceps curl R 15/20
2 min unilateral running biceps curl L 15/20
2 min running OH triceps ext  15/20
2 min unilateral running OH press R 15/20
2 min unilateral running OH press L 15/20
50 tick tocks R 15/20 - 1 min R side bucket carry 15/20
50 tick tocks L 15/20 - 1 min L side bucket carry 15/20

Post Rx or scaled to comments.

Daily Extras - 

+ 25 walking lunges
+ 1 min per "2 min run"
+ :30s per "1 min run"

Daily extras may not be partitioned. Additional reps/time must run congruent to corresponding exercises.

Workout Notes:

  • To keep from smacking the back of your head with the DB while you run and tri, hold it horizontally to the ground, with a side in each hand.
  • Do the Winter Version even if you are off-site in warm weather.
  • More reps = better. As long they are good reps. 
  • This workout is notoriously ROUGH on the muscles of your shoulders. You might want to try and find ways to transfer energy from your lower body straight through to the weight. It's legal to "hop" the weight up.
  • This looks like a running workout with some arms thrown in for good measure. It's not. It's a core workout. 

Exact same thing.