Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes perform

pushups (strict)

Post "Rx" or reps completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Add 7 squats per minute.

It's going to be a ROUGH 21 days starting Monday. We are going to take our 18 worst, and throw them at you. It won't be like a regular HELLth week. We are stacking HELLth Week three deep. 

Why? It's simply about momentum. 

Let me ask, do you want to do this thing (get healthy, slim, trim, toned, shaped, etc.)? The painful truth is, you're going to need to commit to WAY more than 21 days.

Sorry, not sorry.

The cool thing is, after 21 days of focused effort, we'll all be re-programmed. If we do it right, it'll be harder to stop than it will be to keep going. The more intensity we apply to this, the more momentum we'll carry forward throughout the coming weeks, months & years.   

It's not just about the workouts either.  


We'll also be issuing instructions (not challenges - we'll get into that later) for getting the most out of your health through proper nutrition. No drastic measures here, unless you've been eating like CRAP (like me) over the holidays. THEN it will seem a little drastic. For the most part, we are just going to dial into what works. If you don't exactly know what works for you, don't worry. We are going to try a few things. We'll get it dialed in. Hope you're ready.

For me, I started today. Just cleaning up my diet a bit. I know myself. It's best if I ease into it. I'm eating less sugar and more natural foods. Real foods. Not as much processed stuff. After a few days of this, I can more easily drop the crap altogether and really focus on clean eating. I'll be there by Monday. Not that I won't get a few headaches next week. I know I will. My body hates change, even healthy changes don't always go over well - at first. But if I start now the headaches will be less miserable. I'm talking subtleties, here. It's like the difference between a really hard slap in the face vs. a R hook. I don't want to stand in there and take either, but if given a choice ...  

What YOU can do? We've seen a lot of things work for folks. Everybody is a bit different, but there are few methods & techniques that the most successful of folks seem to have in common.  Here are a couple of the many we've noticed: 

  1. They commit. Like, wild horses couldn't pull them away from their commitment to better health and fitness. Seems like a simple step, but most folks (remember 90% + of folks quit) seem to go at this health pursuit with one foot in the door and the other foot out. We would never ask you to commit your entire life to this pursuit (unless your life is eminently hanging in the balance). It doesn't take THAT much effort. Plus it's not healthy. But, giving a 50% effort to what's required is a sure recipe for utter failure. 
  2. Develop a healthy support system. Easiest way to do this is grab a friend and drag them along with you. If you don't have a friend as committed as you are - make one. Remember, it's now 2015. We know "workout buddies" that live states away from each other. Some of these folks have never been eyeball to eyeball.
  3. Embrace the SUCK. Tap dance around the pain (slight soreness, hunger, changing lifestyle habits) all you want. Eventually you'll have to pay the piper. Anyone who says differently is selling something. Most often (read: EVERYTIME), what they are selling amounts to nothing more than a way to pay the piper TWICE.    

The next three weeks will be fun. We are happy to be storming them with you.