1000m row


Complete 3 straight sets of each of the following:

6 deadlifts (moderate)
6 power cleans (moderate)
8 PSC (moderate)

Take 3-5 mins rest between each set.
It's not a good idea to super set today.
Post weights used to comments.

Workout notes:

1 - Remember, we are only JUST getting back into our heavy stuff after a long summer running and shaping. Since we haven't been going heavy with power lifts or parts of the OLYs, some of you will need to scale back a bit until your body is up to speed. How can you know if you need to scale back a bit? If you are wondering - you do!

2 - Each rep is touch and go! Don't count the set if you are dropping between each rep. That being said,

3 - DROP that stupid bar if you get in trouble. Where people get hurt most often is while trying to recover a fast lift (power clean, PSC) that has been missed.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER a good idea. If that bar isn't precisely where you want it when you accelerate it to the racked position - BAIL! Live to lift another set, man.

4 - Might consider trowing down 50-100 stab situps after this workout to decompress the spine a bit.

Not sure which is worse, that little rash we get by doing V-ups on the gym floor, or these little black pellets the dancers and flag teams get from doing V-ups on the U of U practice field??? These silly things get EVERYWHERE.