Complete 800 rope jumps for time.

Immediately pay a 5 burpee penalty for each miss. This workout caps at 20 min.

Post time and burpees completed to comments. If you capped out, post jumps and burpees completed to comments.

Very COOl news!

Over the years, many of you have asked for one. Well, let's try it.

Beginning Monday, Sept 15 we will be adding a late evening GPP class. Classes are at 9pm, M-TH. We figure no one will want to work out on Friday's so you'll have to come earlier that day to do the workout, or just make it up on Sat. 

Theresa Auva'a (an OUTSTANDING fitness instructor in her own right) has been undergoing formal GPP intensive training for instructors for weeks now. She'll be the anchor trainer for the evening sessions. We are so lucky to have her. You'll love training with her.

This will be a trial thing. We'll try it out for 30 days. If it works, we'll keep it.

Just think of is as another class time we offer - cause, it is. Now you have even fewer excuses for missing your GPP workout. Just so you know it's coming, here is how your guilt trip is likely to sound ...

Me: Did you get to the workout yesterday?

You: Um ... I had to miss. I couldn't find time.

Me: What time were trying to get there?

You: Well ... I usually come at 0930 after I get the kids off to school, but yesterday little Jimmy's class had this thing and I promised the teacher I'd help.

Me: mmm-hmm ... and did you know we have classes before 0930?

You: Yes! I tried to come to them, but little Cindy was up puking at 0500 and the hubby came home from work at 5 - so, dinner and things and stuff.

Usually this is where I bow out realizing I lost the round to happenstance. NOT ANYMORE! From HERE forthwith I shall continue the aforesaid trip of guilt with:

ME: mmm-kay and did you also know we are now open at 9PM??!! Mmwahahahaha! *makes finger gesture like Mr Burns*

Wait, this sounds maniacal. Ignore all of this, we are just really hoping the new added time will help a few of you out.

Dem arms/shoulders!