To begin:

3 sets of 10-12 stab DB chest flys AHAP

Post weights used to comments. (If you are hoisting more than 40lbs in each hand use a bench - we bought "burst proof" balls. But it seems they are "burst proof" by name only).

For time:

30 bupees
200 m run
40 jumping pullups
200 m run
50 pushups
200 m run
75 situps
200 m run
75 KB high sumos 25/35
200 m run

Post time to comments.

See what we did there? 

It's like our "Citizenship" workout, just without the team. On average, many teams did reps similar to the ones recommended above.

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From Garrett (Have him explain this to you. It'll be way worth the 3 minutes):

Sky Drill is a tool used to take our body from "fight or flight" mode to a state of "rest and digest."

When we perform a difficult workout (one where our HR shoots through the roof) our CNS goes into "Fight or Flight" mode & our bodies aren't very efficient with recovery in this state. Taking a few minutes and performing a "Sky Drill" allows our CNS to realize that everything is OK. It helps us begin recovery immediately after the workout. There is a ton of H&F in the Sky Drill!