10 KB swings 25/35 on min 1
15 KB swings 25/35 on min 2 
20 KB swings 25/35 on min 3
25 KB swings 25/35 on min 4
30 KB swings 25/35 on min 5
30 KB swings 25/35 on min 6
25 KB swings 25/35 on min 7
20 KB swings 25/35 on min 8
15 KB swings 25/35 on min 9
10 KB swings 25/35 on min 10

Rest 2 min,

10 burpees on min 1
11 burpees on min 2 
12 burpees on min 3
13 burpees on min 4
14 burpees on min 5
14 burpees on min 6
13 burpees on min 7
12 burpees on min 8
11 burpees on min 9
10 burpees on min 10

Post "Rx" or reps missed to comments


It's been three weeks now since we locked down the GPP site behind a paywall. It's not an exaggeration to say we've taken some heat over this move. Most of the real ugly stuff has died down now. But we still get letters. I received two today. 

One was really short. 

Message: "Why are you charging to view your website?"

I loved this letter. Very sharp. Pointed. Didn't mince. It was refreshing because most letters I've received were blunt, minced, distastefully accusatory and LONG. 

So, I decided to write back an equally pointed reply. 

Hi A*****,

Interesting question. I have one for you. Why wouldn't we?

I'm interested in hearing her reply. Moreover, I'm interested in hearing what would motivate someone would write this to us. 

The thing is, we offer unique and amazing programming. Our exceptional methods and techniques have been cultivated and hammered out over the intense heat of the refiner's fire during the last 20+ years. GPP is proven to be highly efficient and effective for helping folks achieving Optimal Health. In fact, folks all over the world have done that very thing. So many that 4 years on, the stories are as numerous as they are inspiring. 

We don't think it unreasonable to ask a nominal fee ($10/mo) for such high quality, well tested and proven results. Yes, you can find FREE programming many other places. Most have a much higher quality visual web experience. But, despite our low quality visual experience, NO programming technique, or method is equal to the effectiveness, efficiency, safety, or results of our stuff. None.

Interestingly, one of the first letters we got was from a lady asking,

Well, if you are charging now, can I expect more in terms of functionality of this website, more videos and more personal service and etc? 

The answer was,

Not really. At least, not for now. Hopefully someday. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with astonishingly effective workouts, nutrition advice and a daily focusing on Optimal Health in the presence of a highly helpful and like-minded community.

She didn't subscribe. Yet?

We are not web marketers. We have no experience in web development, or SEO solutions. In fact everything you see here is mostly an accident. It was put in place after painstakingly messing around with a template and left up simply because either, a) I manipulated it manually until I thought it would do (note, I didn't say it was good), or b) I got tired of messing with it and quit. I just left it how it was hoping for your understanding (and forgiveness in some cases). It has taken me hours and FRICKIN hours to do what it would take a trained web designer a couple of minutes. But at the end of the day, it is useful. It is functional. It can be life-changing.

And THAT is the point.

We didn't set out to create a website. This website is simply our tool for delivering our healthy product. It's a good product. A valuable product. We don't believe that making an investment in your health is any less valuable than investing in anything Apple inc. creates, or Microsoft creates? In fact, we think it is many times  MORE valuable.

Part of the product we offer is: Providing support for this amazing community. We've learned that Optimal Health is the result of 3 things:

1. Outstanding programming 
2. Adequate facilities 
3. Exceptional community support    

Where there is no outstanding community, there is generally no lasting health.

It's not about the money. $10 bucks per month is a token at best. A pittance. We don't expect this to make us rich.

Locking down the site has to do commitment and being committed. Those who will not commit will hang around and vamp from those who will. They will forever dabble and play with stealing that next step, but will never fully take it. They will stay mired in the search for the "best bang for their buck," and this will continue to lead them to every swindler and scammer in the biz who will but offer their sullied and useless wares for "free." We have decided to no longer allow this. We are trainers. You expect your trainer to push you to Optimal health. You expect this to cost something in terms of commitment and ACTUAL money. So, we locked it down - proving you right and helping to push you to that next level. 

Deb has no problem committing! 15 weeks ago she told me she was going to run her first marathon. She has been faithfully churning out miles and doing her GPP (shameless plug: she used our GPP Marathon Training Protocol) ever since. She finished her first in under 4 hours (3:51)!  Very strong work! Congrats.