2 rounds for time:

40 kb swings 25/35
40 squats
40 Aussie pullups
40 lunge steps (R+L=2)
40 OH db presses 15/20 ea.
40 KB high sumo 35/54
40 triceps narrow pushups
40 back ext
40 tick tocks (20 per side)
40 alt db biceps curls 15/20 (R+L=2)

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Workout Notes:

This classic GPP workout is meant to put your HR on the ceiling and keep it there! It's hard to keep good form when you are doing this many reps - but, keep good form you MUST. Remember, "More, Harder, Faster isn't better. BETTER IS BETTER.

Notice we made some changes? Through the years there has been a lot confusion about this workout. Are the lunge steps R+L=1, or R+L=2? Shouldn't we be doing alt db curls for the arms since they are conditioning style? If lunge steps are R+L=1, why wouldn't the tick tocks be the same? We've done this workout a lot of different ways. We think changing the biceps and clarifying the lunges is in spirit with the intention of this workout. 

Careful with those Aussies. 80 is enough reps to make your arms swollen. If you've never done these, or if you haven't done them in a while 1 round is plenty.

DB biceps are done conditioning style.  Conditioning style will do well by the arms for sure. But mainly they are aimed at your core and keeping the HR elevated. What? You guys are swinging biceps curls! it's BLASPHEMY! Not really. The only real sacrilege here is sanctimonious reasoning which limits the biceps curl exercise to only one useful purpose.  

Don't forget, we have a 9pm workout now. If you miss your workout during the day - you get 1 more chance to make it up!  

Didn't give you much warning for this. Hope you can make it anyway.