4 rounds of:

1 min plank
20 v-ups
1 min 6" leg hold
rest 90 sec.

Complete 3 giant sets of:

8 OH triceps ext (heavy)
15  triceps pushdown (moderate)
20 bench dips 
rest 2-5 min

Finish with an 800m run and post weights used to comments. 

Workout Notes:

We had to go at those abs today because our workout was so focused on the posterior chain yesterday. This work in the anterior chain will help to balance the torso and increase overall core strength.

No stink bugging, or swag backing during those planks. It's better to go to your knees than do a crappy plank. Especially since your back won't hold up to slop after yesterday's workout. 

Straighter legs are better on those v-ups. Just sayin. 

It's important that you drive the small of your back down against the floor when doing those leg holds. Use your hands at the base of your pelvis (under the legs) to ensure proper pelvic tilt (backwards). 

Limit rest to only 90 sec. 

For the giant set of triceps: 

Take some time prior to the workout to determine the weights you are likely to use during the workout. You'll need to have done some experimenting beforehand so you can move quickly between the exercises. Remember, moving quickly between these exercises is key to gaining the benefits from a giant set.

If you find yourself wandering the floor in the middle of a giant set, you've blown the set. Rest a couple of minutes and start over.  

Last week the Utah Jazz Dancers helped create a really cool, nay ... ROUGH workout. Yesterday the Ute Dance and Flag team helped perfect it. Pumped to bring it to you soon. Look for it Wed, or Fri.