For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5 reps per set of the couplet:

pushups (strict)

4 rounds of the couplet.

25 squats
400m run

4 rounds of the couplet.

15 burpees
15 v-ups

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Workout notes:

You may perform the couplets in any order. You should know, if you stack those burpees and v's directly on top of the push/pull couplet - you will suffer. We put the leg couplet in the middle on purpose. It'll give those pushers a bit of a break. Some of you don't need breaks. If you are one of these - storm it!

Don't have strict pushups? Do them from your knees. Can't do all of them? Do as many as you can and snake the rest. Begin each set with as many strict pushups as you have.

There are 65 pullups. Any time we go over 50 pullups in a workout, there are torn hands. To prevent this, don't go too deep into that tingle. You know the one. The one where your hands start to hurt and you think to yourself, "Nah, they are OK. I can do a couple more reps before they tear." These are famous last words, man.

How to use Tape to Prevent Rips
How to do a Kipping Pullup
The GPP Jumping Pullup

That squat/run couplet needs to be done at fairly high speed. As always, don't sacrifice form, but keep those reps coming quickly. We mainly put this couplet in there to break up those upper body moves (the pushes) and to spike your HR. Also, we really could use a bit more running this week. Also, a couple (like, one or two) of you have alerted us to the fact that your legs became somewhat sore during the activities of this week. A few air squats and a bit of running should loosen them up, somewhat. 

Burpees and V-ups are a viscous abs combo. You don't always realize how much you use your abs to do burpees. Pre-fatiguing them with v-ups will illustrate this point well. It should also put your HR in the sky. It'll be a brilliant end to terrific week. 

Utah Jazz Dancers (GPP Peeps) doing the "Long Stadiums" workout, Tuesday eve. Rough!