AMRAP in 40 min - 

20 inchworms
20 situps
20 sideups R
20 sideups L
20 weighted Superman back ext 8/12

Post rounds completed to comments.

Workout Notes:

You may do your inchworms using either the traveling style, or out & backs. Both styles are acceptable for the purposes of this workout. 

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of inchworming (certainly this is a word) is the careful execution of a hamstring stretch during the movement. Remember, GPP puts your stretching on you during the workouts. Bending the knees and not fulfilling a stretch at the top of each phase of the inchworm is tantamount to leaving fitness on the table. Don't do it.  

Use high speed movements for the abs. Not saying to skimp on the form. See to it that your form is perfect, especially paying close attention to full ROM. Working abs at high speed shapes the muscles more nicely.

Pretty nice not to have to do a "tuck jump" at the top of those inchworms today, eh?

GPP OK fills the GG at 5:45! Welcome to the collective all!