For time:

10 power cleans 65/95
200 m run

20 power cleans 65/95
400 m run

30 power cleans 65/95
800 m run


15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6 reps per round for time:

lunge switches (1+1=1)

squat to box jumps

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Workout Notes:

Oh, those legs are dying this week. We've gone pretty heavy at them. Hang in there, you'll get a slight break from them tomorrow.

This workout is conjoined mash-up. The whole thing is for time. No rest between the two different workouts. 

Take care of your hands on those cleans. Sometimes when we do high rep cleans, we get a little kiss from the bar on the first knuckle (proximal) of our thumb. Might want to bring gloves. Please try to match them with your outfit.

Sometimes when we rush our fast lifts (cleans here) we lose sight of form in our hurry to GSD. This is problematic and NOT recommended. Please approach EVERY lift you do today with the best form possible. If you aren't sure of the proper form, please ask for a review from your trainer, or a seasoned GPP vet. Pay particularly close attention to spinal neutrality.    

Apply GPP Math to the lunge switches. Sorry, not sorry.

If you find you lack the strength to jump up to the box from parallel, or below (POB) - do them backwards. In other words, jump down to POB from the top of the box. It'll increase your strength and fitness more than just jumping down, then squatting.

Below is a pic of a risky situation. It's called a false grip, or a suicide grip. Don't do it. 

Years ago, I was spotting a friend on the bench press. He was a big guy. He was warming up with weight that was well within his wheelhouse. If I remember right, he was using about 185 lbs on his third warm-up set. Jeff weighed in at a robust 260, or so and he was STRONG for his size. No slouch on the bench. 185 lbs is a serious bench for some guys. It wasn't for Jeff. It was child's play.

Jeff was a big proponent of the false grip (pictured below). He was taught by someone "in the know" that wrapping thumbs around the bar was a fatiguing factor and doing so would cause him to squeeze the bar while bench pressing. Squeezing the bar is thought to drain energy from you and decrease your bench pressing performance. Thus weakening you and preventing you from becoming JACKED and SWOLE! It's a fate worse than death in some guys' minds.

While I was standing there spotting him, he had an accident caused by using the "false grip." Here (right) is a video of almost exactly what happened to my friend Jeff.

It was a serious accident. He broke his sternum and several ribs. He lost several months of training while recovering.

And he was VERY lucky.

What if he had dropped it on his neck. Or on his head?

Those of you who go OH with a false grip, please think about this, because if the bar rolls out of your hands while you have a heavy bar OH - your neck and/or head is likely where it is going. 

Please wrap your thumbs around the bar. They call it the "safety grip" for a reason. Any (supposed) meager strength gains you might experience by using a false grip will NEVER out-weigh the very real risk of injury and prolonged recovery of an accident that might be caused by using it.