Hold each of the following for 1 minute.  Follow immediately with only 30 sec rest.  Complete 3 sets of the given exercise, back to back before moving on.  The hold is to be performed at the top of each movement.  You are to concentrate on doing each hold with as near to perfect form as possible.  Exercises are:

K2S hold
Plank hold (vets, do them feet on wall as in vid)
HSPU hold (good luck with these)
weighted sideup hold R 15/20
weighted sideup hold L 15/20

Post longest streak of holds in seconds to comments.

Working on better form today.  Sometimes when we are tired, we let our form slip a little.  Sometimes it slips A LOT.  This can lead to injury and/or inefficient workouts.  

Static holds can help ingrain better movement patterns.  They can also help to strengthen you where you are weakest.  Do your best interpretation of each of these holds today.  When the pain sets in, use BETTER form, not worse.  It is better to fail with perfect form today than to make it to the end of the minute with slop.


We moving the RX+ orientation meeting. Due to a scheduling conflict we must move it to Friday, Aug 8 @ 7pm

Do you need to be to this? If you've done RX+ before, NO. You know it. There is no magical formula to learn for getting the most out of RX+ week. The magic is in showing up and putting out!

All we'll be discussing on Friday is nuts and bolts. Very helpful to the rook. Vets, not so much.

Many times last month I was asked my thoughts on the new(ish) fitness competition that many of you are seeing on ESPN. 

Not sure why anyone would value my opinion on the subject, much less seek it, but since you asked ...

It's impressive.
It's inspirational.
It's insane.

But, mostly it's just silly.

Competing to see who the very best exerciser in the world is, seems to miss the entire point of exercising in the first place, doesn't it?

I don't know about you, but I only have about FOUR reasons I engage in exercise in the first place. Here is that list in order of importance:

1 - To maintain my health
2 - To look and feel better
3 - To help me be a better dad
4 - To help me GSD (Get Shit Done).

Maybe I could be talked into exercising for a couple other reasons, but it would be a short list. Along with my list of reasons why I WOULD exercise, I also have a list of reasons of why I would NOT exercise. Here is that list:

1 - To DOMINATE everyone in the room.
2 - To receive a trophy
3 - To display my Badassity
4 - To perpetuate even more exercise
5 - To become known as a great exerciser

I don't serve my fitness. IT SERVES ME. To reverse this breaks health.

The pianist who becomes obsessed with tuning and polishing his piano will never make beautiful music.

BTW - I'm not sure what the big deal is. There have always been exercise competitions. Frankly, I can't see much difference between the newest iteration of these and ones of the past (see video below).