20-15-10-5 reps of:

dead lifts BW

Post times to comments

Complete 3 supersets of:

6-8 BB biceps curls (heavy)
12-15 ea. DB alt curls - strict - (mod-heavy)
rest 90-120 sec

Compelte 3 super sets of:

6-8 OH triceps ext (heavy)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs R (moderate)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs L (moderate)
rest 90-120 sec

Post weights used to comments.

DD&P first, then arms.

We haven't been doing a lot of pullups and deads lately. Tread lightly. The demons of back pain and hand rips will not suffer fools.

If you are pressed for time, you can superset your supersets.

We did the arm portion of this workout last Friday. Take a step up today and do either more reps (the higher end of the rep ranges), or weight. Don't be satisfied with doing the same exact amount of work as last week.  You are stronger today. You are.

Had an interesting conversation with a lady yesterday.

She called upon our little fitness factory with hopes of learning more about us. It seems she has friends who toil here. In their labors, her friends have apparently become of the opinion that their increased health, never ending fitness and alluring sculpted physiques are, in part, due to GPP.


Curiosity then, compelled her to poke her head in the doors to inquire within. 

After introducing herself as a friend of our friends she quickly put her guard up and stated, "I was just stopping by to see if you guys have any classes that would work for me."    

I answered unequivocally "YEP! It'll work for you."

By now we've proven, perhaps thousands of times over, that our methods and philosophies just plain work. We can show this in every form imaginable. We can show our client's success in the gym, in writing, in photos, in video, and etc. Due to your great works, we have years and years worth of proof of this.  

She was unimpressed. Glib even.

"Do you offer a free trial so I can see if it will work for me?"

I said "yes." But, upon reflection, I'm upset with my unchallenging answer and would like to take it back. Not the free trial, the answer.

If posed again in the same way, under the same circumstances, I will answer that question as follows:

What a strange question. You strolled in here after professing to see "numerous" friends improve their health, fitness, appearance and quality of life. You assert to have read our website "front to back." This, no doubt, means you have seen the glowing unsolicited testimonials yourself.  Yet, you still beg the question, "will it work for me?"

What are you really asking?

Aren't you really wondering if YOU can make it work for you?


Do you perhaps suppose that of the thousands of successful folk who have applied our philosophies and methods - YOU might possess a fundamentally different physiology from the rest of us? That YOUR physiology might be so different that the same type of exercise which forges amazing health in others could render you ailing, rotten and afflicted just for trying it out?


Maybe you think it's all a scam. Maybe you think all of our testimonials are paid endorsements. That, as in informercials, we find people with amazing health, fitness and physiques and pay them to say it's all GPP. Doesn't that seem like a lot of trouble and expense to go to for a little 200 member gym on the Centerville/Bountiful border? I mean, it's one thing to call GPP a liar, but are you really calling ALL of those other people liars too?  ALL of them?

How do you explain all of the cars in the parking lot daily?
How do you explain the pictures on the website, facebook & instagram?

Paid? Pirated?

Nah, you and I both know what your asking. You are wondering if YOU can do it. You are wondering if you WILL do it.

My dear, you will never have a better opportunity to storm your way back into shape like you have right here, right now. If you will simply drag your backside through that door (pointing to door) daily we'll provide you with unmatched programming, facilities and community to help you with this journey. 

Sure, you can have a week to try us out. But the smart money is on plunking down some smackers today and joining us long term. Just commit. I assure you, you don't have a different physiology from the rest of us. Besides, everything is scalable. And the only scam you'll encounter here is the false hope that someday, this stuff might get easier.

 How many of you attempted those "over the tops" today? I'd like to take this time to point out that approx 1 yr ago ALL of you thought these to be impossible. haha! PROGRESS!