Warm-up -  3 sets of each.

1 min stab plank holds
10 bar pushups

Workout -  5 supersets of each.

8-12 reps of stab chest press AHAP
15-20 reps of stab chest flys AHAP

Post weights and reps used per set to comments. 

This workout comes up a lot more often than most. Last time we did it was June 17. Considering we usually only revisit our most popular workouts once every quarter, 2 months ago was fairly recent.

Body shaping allows for less variation in programming. When you are shaping a muscle, it is best to revisit certain exercises over and over for a period of 6-12 weeks, or so. This depends on how proficient you are at the movement.

At first, many of the gains you see aren't due to muscular size, or the tensile strength of muscle cells. Most strength gains you'll see early on are due to nervous system changes. It takes a lot of coordination to perform strict movements. It takes experience with a movement to learn to only contract the primary movers while inhibiting secondary muscle groups. Your ability to shape the muscle improves only AFTER you learn to be proficient at isolating it.

This is the reason we come back to this workout (and others like it) more often.   

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Nice work Azure! 3rd in her class 15th overall! BTW - a 1:38:52 half marathon is NO JOKE!