5 rounds for the burn:

2 min tap down crunches
2 min superman back ext
20 OH DB strict press 15/20 ea.
20 Aussie pullups

Post intensity of "burn" on a scale from 1-10 experienced per set.

"For the burn?"

It's not enough to do these reps for time. Today is not about putting reps behind you. Your focus is lighting the muscles on fire. The only way to do this is to slow down and form up.

Back in the day, we used to do reps with a "two-one-thousand" count down and "one-one-thousand" count up. No pause at the top or bottom. This would be a good place to start. If you aren't feeling an intense burn in the belly of the muscles you are working after the 2nd set - count even slower. After that (ONLY AFTER), consider incr'g wt.

Keep the muscles under tension across the entire set. This means you should not be using momentum, or finding places to rest anywhere throughout the movement. If you aren't sure if your form is right, a trainer will be quick to help for the asking.

Cool news:

Coach Garrett has put together a comprehensive nutritional training course for those struggling with putting together an effective meal plan.

The 90 min course will be held at GPP HQ Wednesday, Aug 27th at 8pm.

It is FREE for members of the GPP HQ gym.

BTW - Did you know Garrett completed an IronMan, or ran a 100 mile ultra? He's the man. He walks the walk.

Yes, it will help you do pullups.

No, it will not help you learn to do pullups. Not anymore than a tricycle will help you learn to ride a bike.

Warning: The worst shot I ever took to the crochital area was administered by one of these. If you decide to try using it, you'd do well to be sure the damn thing is secured to your feet if you decide to stretch it 8 ft along the length of your body while your hands are above your head, unable to protect your softer bits.