Complete 5 supersets of:

6-8 BB biceps curls (heavy)
12-15 ea. DB alt curls - strict - (mod-heavy)
rest 90-120 sec

Compelte 3 super sets of:

6-8 OH triceps ext (heavy)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs R (moderate)
12-15 uni triceps kick backs L (moderate)
rest 90-120 sec

Post weights used to comments, then move to the conditioning.


For time:

10-11-12-13-14-15 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.
Caution, very high soreness factor.  Scale as needed.

You'll have about 15 mins to complete the arms portion of the workout today, then it's on to conditioning.

Yep. Was aiming right THERE!