4 rounds OTC

15 OL SLD R 15/20
15 OL uni bent rows R 15/20
15 OL uni biceps curls R 15/20
15 OL uni OH press R 15/20
repeat for L - that's ONE round.

Rest 30 sec between each round. 
Post total falls per round to comments.

OL = One Legged

To do this workout, you must perform the exercises above while standing on one leg only.  You must stand on the leg which is opposite of the hand working.  So, if you are doing reps with your R hand, you should be standing on your L leg.  This improves your core strength in a cross-sectional manner. 

It is your goal to never set the lofted foot down at ANY time during the side of the round.  This includes transitions between exercises.  You may, of course, set it down briefly when switching to the other side (from R to L). 

"Cross-Sectonal" is a workout we've been doing for years outside of GPP with our professional and collegiate teams.  Its benefits are unique.  You'll feel this workout in all the places you'd expect (SLDs, of course, beat up your hammys) and, surprisingly, in places you'd never imagine (you'll see what I mean when you get to those OL uni bent rows).  

We are keeping the rep scheme relatively low today (15 vs our usual 20 rep sets).  We do this with hopes that you'll focus and concentrate on staying on one foot ONLY through an entire side of a round.  Really fight for your balance today.  This is an entirely different workout for those who keep that foot in the air, vs for those who allow for more tap downs (falls) than they really need.  If you find yourself endlessly teetering and hopping around while trying keep your foot up and do these exercises - you're doing it right! 

Shocked! (Lisa)