5 rounds for time:

15 OH BB press 45/65 (strict is better)
15 side lateral raise 10/15
15 KB high Sumos 25/35
300 rope jumps (you'll love this)

Post time to comments.  Might also want to mention how your shoulders feel.

(Asked in a challenging tone) Hey, why did you go at our legs again today? Didn't we just do them yesterday? I heard we should rest 48 hrs, or more after a leg workout.

Look, you're mixing genres here. You are trying to impose rules of the artificial world of Body Building and Strength Training onto our more practical world of General Physical Prep.

In the BB & ST worlds they do a lot of silly stuff that applies exclusively to their specific pursuits. Like, they'll do leg day 1x and then go rest for a WEEK. Not only will they rest from exercising their legs, the pros (and posers) will go lay down and try to stay off their legs between leg workouts. They call this "gettin lazy." They know if they stay off their legs completely for days at a time, their legs will more completely recover allowing them to hit their legs even harder the next time. Sure this makes legs bigger and stronger, but it also makes them - generally useless. 

Can you imagine staying off your legs for a week at a time? Haha. "Sorry kids, mommy can't make your dinner tonight. She has to stay off her legs." Can you imagine what this would do to your general health and/or capacity? Haha. "You workout? Cool, wanna go hiking with me sometime? ... Oops! "

The point you might be missing is that at GPP we don't workout to get better at workouts. We workout to get better at life.

Since real life comes at you daily. You aren't going to be able to take week long breaks from using your legs in real life. So instead of strengthening them in seven day spurts we've found a more practical application. We train legs almost daily. Just like natural humans use them.

Rest is an important part of any training program. It's during rest that your body recovers from a workout and becomes more fit. Proper rest is already built in to your GPP programming. But it is a mistake to think rest is more important than exercise. Or that you need days and days of it to be the recipient of optimal health. While resting for days at a time from a specific workout might have application in the far fetched worlds of BB and ST, it has little application in our world - the real world.

Outside of that, I believe this idea (taking days and days of rest) is more rooted in someone's personal need for obtaining click thrus than it ever was in helping someone obtain health and fitness. 


Hooverball! Hey, if you and some friends want to go play, hit us up. We'll loan you a ball. Just another perk of being a peep.