Begin with:

300m arms only row


5 sets of 10-12 reps bent rows (heavy)


For time:

20 squats (air)
200m run

30 squats (air)
400 m run

40 squats (air)
800 m run

Post time on the row, weights used, and time to comments.

Near the end of August is a time when many of us become derailed from this health and fitness project we've undertaken.

It's a busy time of year. It's a broke time of year. It's the time where many of us are prepping for back to school stuff, stressing about signing the kids up for "this and that", and getting in that last vacation with the family.

Instead of letting this hectic time of year wreck your H&F progress - USE it.

The hardest thing about becoming healthy and fit is overcoming bad habits. It's not so easy to be habitual this time of year. All the hurrying and fussing will have you off your game a bit. It'll have you out of your element. And as long as you are out of your element, you are likely going to be away from the things that are keeping you from being as healthy as you'd like.

So use this time of year to STAY AWAY from these things.

For example: maybe you and the kids are going out of town for a week to your favorite vacationing spot. Instead of going out and stocking up on all the usual crap you'd normally cram down your neck, you might try a few healthier options (meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.) to snack on.  

If you are going out of the country, look ahead at the local eating customs. Find out what locals eat, what time they eat and how much they eat. Try to mimic the good customs. It could add a fun tone of authenticity to your experience. It at VERY LEAST could help you out of an unhealthy funk and help you break old habits.

If you are running around town (shopping, practice, etc.) bring some healthy snacks with you. It won't be any more trouble than doing your usual more unhealthy things. 

Breaking bad habits usually takes very focused, concentrated effort. During the doldrums of daily life, this effort is monumentally more difficult. The next three weeks are going to take most of us out of these doldrums. USE this time to kill two birds with one stone.

1 - Get a bunch of s&!# done.
2 - Get healthier!







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