AMRAP in 60 min -

1 mile run
50 lunge steps (R+L=2)
50 v-ups
50 Aussie pullups
50 burpees

Post rounds completed to comments. 

For those coming to HQ - You may come and go at will today.  Times are as usual.  We'll open at 0630 and stay open until 9:45, but since the workouts go 60 min there are no formal start times.  GPP trainers will be there at all times to instruct and help if anyone needs it.  We'll reset the clock every hour.  It's probably best to bring your own timing device (phone, watch, etc.).

Looks like it's time to start increasing our workload & skill requirements on RX+ week. Most of you have been breezing us.

So FRICKIN cool. Also pretty FRICKIN weird.

Two years ago when we started this RX+ thing we were knocking noses in the dirt. We threw workouts at you that were, well - nuts. By Wednesday of that week folks were dropping off. We were getting reports of "Stupid" soreness which lasted into the middle of the following week.

This just isn't so anymore. You've upped your game. It looks like it is time to up ours. (Maybe a winter version?)

We've kept the workouts the same over the years due to the fact we KNOW they are manageable (albeit, only just). But, this year was special. You've proven you are up to doing more. Nothing is more rewarding than to see you improve your health and fitness year over year.

Next time we do this, it won't be something someone could just sign up for and expect to complete by showing up. Yes, it will still be scalable, but like a marathon, or a century, or any other serious event you'll need some specialized conditioning and planning. Right down to the nutrition!  It's going to be fun. Start training now. 

Congratulations on a terrific week! You've accomplished a great thing. You've taken your body through more than a marathon (at 1 1/2 hrs per day you had that covered by day 3). You squatted, pushed, pulled, sprinted and burped yourself into oblivion and came back for more. You have won this round, but we'll be back. It won't be so easy next time. But it will be WAY more fun!

RX+ shirts will go on sale here on the site on SUNDAY!

Some of you might have had to miss a workout this week. It's a shame because earning the rank of RX+ is special. Last year we had some sub/alts.  If you find you are a workout, or two short of RX+ you may try one of the below and count it toward your RX+

1.  2 mile run stopping every 30 sec to complete 2 burpees


2.  Shoot 100 baskets (misses do not count) on a 10 foot rim.  

Post rx to comments.

Wear it with pride. It is the only black shirt we offer at GPP HQ. And you have to earn it.