6 rounds for time:

20 twist punch R M/H
20 twist punch L M/H
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 plank snatch 15/20
20 tick tocks R 25/35
20 tick tocks L 25/25
20 box jumps

Post time to comments.

Draggin a little back side?  A lot?  It is not uncommon for the end of Rx+ week.    

Here is the thing.  You might just be a little dehydrated.  Most of us are.  If you are feeling low on energy, craving salty foods and sitting on a low grade headache, you need to get more fluids and electrolytes in you.  STAT!   

Start now.  You'll be surprised how fast getting properly hydrated will bring you out of it.  Many of us started replenishing electrolytes and H2O and started feeling more energy within a couple of hours. 

To begin feeling better and even prevent injuries do this: 

1 - Drink more fluids.  How much you need depends on how much you losing.  Rule of thumb is drink until your urine is pale.  Too much color and you need more.  If it is clear you are over-doing it.  This is not a one time deal.  Strive to maintain the pale color over time.  

2 - Take in foods and drinks high in electrolytes.  In an emergency (some of you are in this stage right now) go pound a Gatorade - a large one.  Don't worry, it won't cancel out your diet to do things that are meant to keep you healthy.  Beyond that HERE is a good article to help understand how electrolytes can help you.   

3 - Get a little more sleep. Lack of sleep is probably all it is. You need several more hours per night than normal.  If you usually sleep 6 hours per night, you are borderline sleep deprived. RX+ week demands a little more. Like 90 mins, or so. I know it's a big sacrifice. It'll take some planning diligence on your part, but try to get it done.

Eric has been with GPP for a few months now. He's down over 30 lbs. Has gained 5+ lbs of muscle. STRONG work!