STAB = (shoulders,triceps, abs & biceps)

Class does reps in unison on trainers count:

Shoulder Medley - 4 rounds

           20 front raises 15/20
           20 upright row 15/20
           20 OH press 15/20

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds

            10 narrow push-ups  BW
            20 skull crushers 15/20           
            20 OH French press 15/20

Ab Medley - 4 rounds

            20 situps 
            20 R side ups 
            20 L side ups            
            20 Superman back ext's 

Biceps 21’s - 4 rounds   (see demo)      

            7 bottom to half 25/45
            7 half to full 25/45
            7 full 25/45

Post Rx or reps completed to comments.

If you are not USING your scale to make forward progress - stay off of it. 

Your scale has one job. It reports the news. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The problem today is that we typically aren't satisfied with just the news. It's too dry. It's too ... factual?

FACTS?! The hell you say.  

"Hey, Neil ... 1954 called. It want's it's episodes of Dragnet back!" 

Yeah, funny. I get it. 60 years later, no one is really satisfied with having "Just the facts ma'am." Perhaps that kind of thing (facts) was good enough for Joe Friday, but today we demand more for our efforts. Today, when we step on the scale we expect the experience to go somewhere. We expect it to mean something. We expect to be infotained. 

OK cool. Let's define it then. Here is what stepping on the scale means:

1 - You are making progress toward a worthy goal.

2 - You really aren't making progress. 

That's it. What? You were expecting something deeper? More abiding and intellectual? Maybe even something accusatory? 


Do we really need the scale to tell us we are losing ground? Do we need it to be the magistrate of our souls?

When did we let a cold lowly bathroom scale become the adjudicator or our character, the arbiter of our wills, the referee of our struggle with health? Hell, most of us wouldn't give that much control to a Harvard educated PhD to whom we paid thousands. Yet, somehow, a digitized piece of metal and glass laying right next to where we pee has a say?

If Robin Williams taught us anything this week it is that self-perspective can be flawed.  

The bathroom scale is a simple tool for measuring progress, or lack thereof. It's only job is to HELP you. And it will - if you'll let it.

Your scale is the last respite of news reporting in the world that isn't tainted by political agenda, cool graphics and fancy holograms. You can spin it if you want, but as soon as you do you can no longer trust that information. In fact, once you spin information it changes names. It is now propaganda. Remember propaganda is a weapon of war. And here it is being used against you. 

Keep this in mind, because if it isn't helping you, it may be hurting. If it's hurting - stay off of it. 

It's a burpee surprise skidmark