2 rounds for time:

500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
400m run
25 KB swings 25/35
300 rope jumps
25 KB swings 25/35 

Post time to comments.

I have to tell you a funny story about the Bod Pod lady.

First, she raved about the peeps. Said she couldn't believe how awesome everyone was. She used superlatives rivaling the scout law ( ..., helpful, friendly, courteous kind, ..., cheerful ...,) Surely she has a dog in this hunt. I realize it wouldn't hurt her biz to be complimentary of you. So, I'll take those compliments with a grain of salt.

She's totally right though.

The other thing she said was even cooler. After measuring several dozen of you she goes,

"I've never measured a group who were so lean and fit! We've measured a lot of groups. Even gyms. But, we've never seen anything like this!"

Both of the ladies said it. They were super impressed.

This is usually where I take the opportunity to toot the GPP horn a bit, and try to hog all the credit - haha! But, I won't today. 

Nope. This one is yours. You guys have worked very hard to attain your extremely high levels of health and fitness. You've earned accolades. You deserve every bit of praise you receive. And you receive a lot. This isn't the first time we've heard folks marvel at you. 

Oh, don't think for one minute I didn't hog the credit last night when those Bod Pod ladies said it. But today ... today, the credit is yours.  :)

BTW - If you are OK with it, we'll try and bring them back quarterly (for members).

There are about 25 of you who know what this is.