Ahhh! This is a magical week. Rx+ week always is. It's that time of year when we focus on our health in a way that most others refuse to.

A week's worth of 2-a-days is no easy thing. I suppose that's why we do it. Completing 11 workouts within a week and being perfect on our diet is an amazing accomplishment and will have far reaching health benefits.

To get the most out of this week here are a couple of thoughts:

1 - DO this thing. It's time to stop plinking around with your health and fitness. It is time for you to jump in with both feet. Get rid of that monkey on your back and get back into shape. This 2-a-day week may be all it takes to shake it off forever. 

If you are off-site and can't get to a local GPP  - JOIN US. Then, call a bunch of friends and make them meet you at the hill tomorrow. There is power in community.

2 - Heat is not your friend this week. In general, you do not want to take prolonged hot baths, steams or use a heating pad. Use ice instead. Taking an ice bath every night, or better still, directly after each workout will help to keep soreness levels down. To learn more about soreness and how to prevent it read HERE.

3 - Take in a little more water. The ACSM guideline of "drink all you can tolerate" has fallen from grace. We have learned there is an upper limit of the amount of H2O one can safely and effectively consume. This upper limit is WAY lower than we once thought it was. But, this recommendation is different for everyone. And this week you'll need more than normal because you'll be working out harder and in hotter weather.

To be sure you are consuming enough water on a daily basis, let thirst be your guide. Yes, yes we KNOW. It was once thought that by the time you become thirsty, you are already dehydrated. That old wives tale has also fallen from grace. HARD.

4 - Be perfect with your meal plan. Why not? If you are in for a penny, you're in for a pound, man.

There is much more to come throughout this week. Pumped to be storming it with you.

That "Stadiums" workout is special.