Begin with 2 rounds of "Monster"

For time: (there is a 10 minute time cap)

5 monster complexes 75/95
250 m row (sprint)
5 monster complexes 75/95
25 KB swings 35/54

Then, perform the entire "Squad" workout

With a continuously running clock, repeat 30x: 

10 sec floor to OH bar hold AHAP
10 sec rest

Finish with the 2 last rounds of "Monster"

Post time of "Monster" rounds to comments.
Post weights used for the Squad workout to comments.
Post general thoughts on how to personally storm through this better next time.

Instructions for the "Squad" workout:

Program a clock to continuously repeat 30 rounds of: 10 sec work + 10 sec rest.  During the work phase, take a bar from floor to OH & hold for the remainder of 10 sec.  At the 10 sec bell, lower to the ground WITHOUT A DROP and rest for the remainder of 10 sec.  Repeat 30x.  

Want to do the whole Monster workout THEN the whole Squad workout?  Don't.  We need your HR up. Squad will get it there if you don't pace yourself.  You are more likely to pace if you are doing 4 rds vs. 2 rds.  

It's time to burn off that big weekend! Get down the the gym today and let's get after it!

Zaelee (coming soon) & Mama working out at GPP SOJO! If you are looking for a fantastic training experience in the South Jordan area, please look up Garrett Johnson.