Complete the following in any order:

3 sets of 10 thrusters (heavy)
3 sets of 10 walking lunges AHAP (R+L=1) 
3 sets of 10 good mornings (very light)


2 rounds for time of "Rocker"

20 OH step back lunges R 45/65
20 OH step back lunges L 45/65
20 hollow rocks (back+forth=1)
20 kneeling KB swings R 25/35
20 kneeling KB swings L 25/35
20 high windmill R 25/35
20 high windmill L 25/35
20 box jump switches (R+L=1)

Post time of "Rocker" and weights used to comments.

You have to go HARD at those 2 rounds of "Rocker" today if you hope to get anything out of them. It won't be enough to go at "normal" speed. 

Shortening rounds and increasing intensity is a terrific way to improve your workout times. Sometimes we get a little caught up in trying to finish workouts. This makes us stretch them out. This is great if you are a rookie, but around the 4-6 month mark you need to start adding intensity. The best way to do that is shorten the volume (once you have attained the fitness to do all the volume of these workouts) and increase your speed.

As always, pay special attention to your form when increasing speed. Faster workouts are not better unless your movements are impeccable throughout the workout and your ROM.

Sly is doing it right. BTW hes 62 in this shoot. BTW his workout style reflects our own. Did you notice the way he goes between single joint (isolation) stuff and multi-joint stuff (functional movements) at high intensity?!  See the similarities? Yep, he's doing it right!