Complete 4 straight sets of each of the following in any order:

BB biceps curls heavy

triceps OH ext. heavy

db alt. biceps curls (strict) heavy

triceps push downs (band) heavy

Post weights used per set to comments. 

It was great to see Derek's comment yesterday. Didn't see it? Here is a recap (paraphrased from my own POV):

You missed it Neil. The weight for the men (95#) was wrong. It was too much. When you post a workout with a suggested weight, you should know, I and many others are going to try it. I trust you to be in the ballpark with the weights you recommend. If you aren't, I'm going to feel like a pathetic loser. So don't miss, man!

Haha. Derek's actual comment was very humble and self-deprecating. He's a classy guy and never one to complain. I'm sorry to put words in his mouth. But, that's what I heard. And I will make the proper adjustments to this workout (I REALLY liked it, did you?) next time thanks to him and all of your feedback.

We've been wrong about a lot of workouts. Remember when we first programmed "Lemon?" The recommended weights were 25/45!  Haha.  Seriously, they were. We did it twice like that before we lowered the recommendation.  Remember Thrust-O-Rama at 65/95? It was. And those of us who did it at those weights paid dearly for that mistake.  We only made it once.

Which brings me to the point.

If it weren't for you, programming GPP workouts would be impossible. Designing workouts is a living, breathing thing. I can never understand those trainer types who program days/weeks/months in advance. Fitness doesn't work that way. It's too dynamic a process. Those who try, will miss stuff. Anyone who follows, will suffer for doing so. 

So, from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU. Thank you for your faith, your efforts and your feedback. Without all of this, the amazing results we see down here at GPP wouldn't exist.

MinD storms some extra credit while the 0715 pours it on!  BTW that extra credit stuff is tearing it up! A guy I know has lost 11 lbs this week. A girl (little tiny thing anyway) is down over 5! Just incredible results.  I look forward to seeing your logs on Monday.