Warm up:

75 KB swings 25/35
100 situps


10-8-6-4-2-2 reps per set of:

power cleans AHAP

Each rep is touch and go.  
You may not "dump" the bar between reps and count set as Rx.
Post weight used per set to comments

We are stepping away from your regularly scheduled Tuesday today. It was supposed to be a "push" workout, but your pushers should be fried from yesterday.  Let's swap this week for next weeks.  We'll hit that push next Tues.

The most effective 6 pack workout EVER written: (from bandanatraining.com)

Warm up) Walk to grocery store
A1) Buy some green vegetables
A2) Buy some yellow vegetables
A3) Buy some white vegetables
B1) Buy some red vegetables
B2) Buy some meat
B3) Cook meat
C1) Cut up green, yellow, white, red vegetables
C2) Add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to your colorful vegetable salad

YES! We've been VERY excited to bring this to you for a long time. We've established a relationship with Orgain and brought in a few flavors of their excellent stuff. 

We think everyone should have a protein shake sitting in the fridge at all times. So when you have that craving and are going for a cookie (or 12) you can get one of these instead.  They are delicious.  Use the 16 g of protein for post workout, meal replacement and snacks. Use the 25 g to help you get all your pro needs for the day.  Ogainic everything. We even brought in a vegan line. 

We at GPP are incredibly defensive of the trust we've gained from you. We will do nothing EVER to give you a reason to mistrust the recommendations we make. When we do source a supplement for your use, you can be assured it will be excellent. We will also try to bring it to you at better prices than you can find elsewhere.