AMRAP in 20 min -

20 stab crunches
20 ball kills R+L=1
20 plank tocks R+L=1
20 stab uni hipups R
20 stab uni hipups L

Post rounds completed to comments.

Complete after the medley -

75 v-ups
5 mins (accumulated) superman back ext holds

How to accumulate 5 min in a superman back ext hold -

Bring yourself to the top position of the superman back extension (arms straight and off, legs  straight and thighs off). Hold in the this position and start a clock. If you must rest, stop the clock. Continue with this until you have accumulated 5 min in the held position.

Many of you are going to be starting the 21 day challenge with us on Monday. You are to be congratulated. This will be an amazing experience if you carry it all the way through.

A suggestion:

Get started now. Begin eating cleaner. Begin restricting calories (200-300/day). Begin consuming fewer chemicals and sweets (redundant, but a nice nagging reminder).

Any challenge from GPP carries with it the expectation of cleaning up your nutrition. We are going to give you a few choices for doing this on Thursday evening at the orientation meeting, but none of them are easy. Especially not if you wait until Monday morning to start getting after it.

Look, if you want to wait until Monday to clean it up and cut it back - cool. It just makes things all the more interesting, right? Its just that you'll probably get better grades on your log book if you don't roll into Monday hungry and craving sugar. Especially when you add the inevitable irritability and slight headache you get when you turn your back on chemicals and sugar. 

Wait ... We are being graded? 

Yeah. Should I have mentioned that? We are asking you to turn in your weekly logbook with notes on any deviations from your plan (exercise, nutrition and sleep). We'll be using standard academic letter grading A, B, C, D and F to help you know how you did last week. 

A = 90-100% compliance - Excellent results!
B = 80-89% compliance - Good results!
C = 70-79% compliance - Average results
D = 60-69% compliance - Below average
F = Failing

Fun stuff!

BTW - Orientation meeting is for registered participants only. Please register ahead of time and be prepared to receive instruction to storm 21 days of excellence with us. Click HERE to register.  For those storming with us from off-site, we'll be sending the video of orientation meeting with your meal plan, recipe and log booklet.

Michelle V's. daughter demos a perfect alt for that back squat workout last week. Awesome!