50 strict pushups (it's perfect, or it doesn't count)
100 bench dips (straighter legs = better)


EMOM for 15 mins perform

7 burpees
5 pushups

Post Rx, plus reps completed from above to comments.

The voice in the video below says a lot of words. I've watched it 3 times now. I haven't heard a thing he's said. I've been too caught up in my own amazement at the performers' fitness and incredible physiques. Wow.  Just, WOW. If this video won't get us off our backsides, then what?

I post it with the hope that all of us who are signed up for this 21 day challenge are ready to really go there.  It's time. 

Also, GPP NWA would like me to let AR peeps know that they are IN on the challenge too. Since their website is down for a couple more days, we'll be posting updates for the orientation meeting HERE.  Stay tuned for details.