5 sets of 5 chinups*
Rest 3-5 min between each set
*For those of you who can easily smoke 5 chinups, add weight.

500 rope jumps
try to go unbroken

4 sets of 8-12 BB biceps curls (med-heavy)
60-90s rest between each set

3 sets of 20 hanging Aussiesss
60-120s rest between each set

Post weights used and/or strings of consecutive reps to comments.

You'll see some changes in the programming this week. We are going to slow some things down in anticipation of the 21 day challenge and RX+ week.

By "slow some things down" we don't mean we are going to back off of your intensity.  Intensity will actually increase. It just won't last as long.

We've been going full-stop now for a couple of months. In the summer we typically increase your running and cardio by about 50%-100% over what we do other times of the year. This adds to your fitness in cool ways.  It also improves your appearance. The thing is, we can't keep this up indefinitely. We need to back off this week and let our adrenals cool down for a bit. Prepare them for one more push to end the summer season STRONG!

Cardio is cruel handmaiden. She serves you so well - for a time. Then she demands more and more. She's sneaky. It's just a minute more here, and minute more there. But, the minutes add up. Before long, results you used to see in a 20 min workout cannot be achieved after 90 minutes of really pounding it! It's a trap. We know it all too well. GPP has got your back though. Won't let you stumble into it.  


Congratulations Josh!  Tremendous effort. NWA is doing it right!