For time:

10 power cleans 65/95
200 m run
20 power cleans 65/95
400 m run
30 power cleans 65/95
800 m run
30 power cleans 65/95
800 m run
20 power cleans 65/95
400 m run
10 power cleans 65/95
200 m run

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I hope you are in the mood for change.  Change is coming.

It is a good thing to pursue better health.  Good for you. Good for your family and/or loved ones. Good for your future.  Can't really lose when you are chasing better health. 

Part of that chase is better fitness and a better body. OK fine, everyone's interpretation of a better body is different. We embrace the individuality of this chase. What we don't embrace is mediocrity, or the act of hiding behind "a different interpretation." Sometimes "a different interpretation" is only words - not truth.

Look, you know what your are capable of. You know your truth. You know where you should be right now. We at GPP invite you to take a step closer to your best interpretation of the REAL you. 

If you are ready, we are holding a 21 day challenge.

It's a 21 day push to jump start the greatest health and appearance of your life. Or maybe, for you, it is a push to regain it. It is also a prep for gaining all there is from participation in our upcoming RX+ week. It is no accident that this challenge bumps right up to RX+ week.  We don't do many of these challenges anymore. We've decided to only do challenges with maximum impact. 

Challenge starts JULY 21st. 

Orientation meeting is Thursday July 17th @ 7:30pm.

Cliff's notes (for those who can't make it):

- Each participant will be given a nutritional download. Includes:

  • Daily Meal Plan

  • Weekly Grocery List

  • Recipes for Each Meal Recommended

  • Log Book

- Each of us will log foods for the entire 21 days (how-to/why).
- Each of us will submit written log weekly (how-to/why)
- Each of us will receive add-on's to the workouts (by email wkly)
- Each of us will weigh and measure weekly (how/why)
- Accountability procedures
- Supplementation recommendations (exercise and nutrition)
- Rah, Rah! Might even sit in a circle around a fire and sing kum ba yah! 

Hope you'll join us for this challenge, unless you are already killing it (in which case carry-on friend!).  These 21 days will be NO JOKE!  After you punch through these 21 days you'll be set to conquer anything.

As always, we can scale, program and recommend alts for anyone (physical & nutritional)

Cost -  $35.00


Click pic to go for it!

Click pic to go for it!