Perform each exercise individually for time. 

200 squats
200 Aussie pullups
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press Jacks 15/20
200 box switches 15" box (R+L=2)

Post individual times to comments.

Once again, watch those Aussies!  They are sneaky. They lull you into a false sense of security by letting you use your legs and your hips and glutes. This will make you feel like you can do them all day.  But don't!  Aussies will burn you, man. 

A couple of thoughts on Aussies:

1 - Rookies shouldn't do more than 50 - seriously.
2 - Swollen arms must be adorned with wife beater tanks and gold chains - NO EXCEPTIONS!
3 - If you insist on T-Rexing around for the next 3-5 days you must make the sounds, or more realistically these

We doubt the healthfulness of making yourself so sore that you literally can't move for days at a time.  But, we won't deny you the pleasure of it  - if you must.  Just know, as miserable as you are, we still want to hear the sounds. 

Big NEWS.  Exciting news ...

ZUMBA IS BACK at GPP! July 22nd @ 7pm.

The good stuff too.  We only do the very best at GPP, so it is with pride that we announce Teresa Auva'a herself is bringing her own special brand of Zumba back to GPP.

Click HERE for the schedule

She's too humble to tell you this, but she is one of the original influences behind bringing Zumba to Utah. Yes, you can find Zumba just about everywhere now. She inspired most other gyms and instructors to get started, but let's be honest - they ain't her. It really is a special thing to come to one of HER classes. 

If you are looking to really JAM, and get into incredible shape while having the most fun allowed in our facility - you gotta do this. 

Welcome back T! 

Ha!  Super cool (GPP OK)