Warm-up -  

50 squats
3 min sit squat hip mobility   (can't do it?  Use a prop)

Workout - 5 super sets of: 

5 back squats AHAP
burnout set of lunge switches

Post consecutive squats and minutes completed for the warm-up.  Post weights used and number of switches (GPP Math applies - R+L=1) per super set to comments.   

Back squats are cool.  We love them.  We especially program them on days we are trying to directly stimulate your quads.  We prefer front squats for over-all benefit, but back squats have their purposes.  

You will be able to go heavier for back squats than you will for FS since BS places the bar more directly over your COG.  This is great for the desired purpose (blitzing the legs), but it can be sketchy if you don't come into every set fresh.  Be sure you get plenty of rest between each super set.  This will ensure max safety and efficiency of the exercises. 

Back squats aren't easy to safely bail from (bar not in hands) if you miss the lift.  This means you can't miss lifts on back squats.  Be sure to use weights which are entirely within your wheelhouse.  Remember, those switches are going to sap you.  The weights you use on the first couple of rounds may not be as high as the weights used on the last few. 


Freestone's using their fitness in Yosemite!