For time:

Row 1600 m
run 800 m
100 double unders (or 300 singles)
100 plate cleans 25/45 

Post time to comments.

I knew we'd get a little criticism for our "3 Bars AMRAP" the other day.  Sometimes you can just feel it coming. 

Late in the day of the 25th I was alerted to a thread where 2 females were having a conversation highly critical of our programming that day. Since it was taken down quickly after I responded (politely, I might add) I can't quote them specifically.  Among the highlights were versions of these comments:

... Bleh, deadlifts and power cleans.  What, do they think everyone wants to be a bodybuilder? ...

... How can they expect girls to lift that much weight over their heads? ...

There was much more.  But those were the highlights. 

Since I was super excited and flattered they even noticed GPP and it's programming at all, I thought it best to make a couple of clarifications. Just trying to help.

My response:

"While we do embrace elements of bodybuilding in GPP programming (as well as, flexibility training, endurance training, functional training and etc.) we have NO intention of turning ANYONE into a bodybuilder.  Neither do we think "everyone wants to be a bodybuilder."

Technically ladies, dead lifting is a POWER lift. Power cleans and push presses are elements of an OLYMPIC lift. None of these are very related to bodybuilding.  I guess some progressive bodybuilders DO use elements of power lifting and certain Olympic lifts while they are in a mass building phase. Mostly they do this off-season. So, you've got me on that one - with the progressives anyway.  Purists - NO WAY.  Either way, it is rare to see bodybuilders using Oly and/or power lifts during the events of normal bodybuilding activities.

Also, you're right, 45 lbs is a BUNCH of weight.  You'd surely have to work up to it."

That was all I wrote.

On a completely unrelated note ...

Below is a pic of Brynne absolutely killing that workout. She made it through all of the rounds (note the clock) with RX'd weight.  Oh, and she's 12.