AMRAP in 30 min.

Complete 3 bar triplets of:

deadlifts 95/135
power cleans 45/95
push press 45/95
400 m run

Post rounds to comments.

This workout will not suffer the stupid.

It is considered a sketchy thing to post workouts which involve a high HR and highly skilled lifts within the same round. Most professionals wouldn't do it.

They think you too simple to wrap your mind around it. They think you cannot regulate yourself.  That you'll see the word "AMRAP" and throw common sense, logic and safety out the window and surely injure yourself.

Of course, these are the same people who would prefer you cork your forks and eat only applesauce. I mean, you CAN'T go chewing apples. They might have seeds.

The thing is, there is tremendous health and fitness in hidden within this workout. The kind that looks good on. We've been dying to post this version of "3 bars" for years. Somehow it has never fit within the rotation. But, today is different.  We haven't been on the bar in quite a while and we are due for a run. Yep. Now is perfect.

Be more careful than usual today. Set yourself up with deliberate attention to form before each lift (like you always do) ... Hell, I don't even know why I'm writing this. You aren't an idiot. It's not like the safety advice we'd give for this workout would be any different today than it was yesterday. Certainly no different than it will be tomorrow. In fact, I'm not sure why I'm leaving this other than, at this point, it seems easier to finish the thought than to hit backspace. Minimalism, my friend.   

Be safe. Go hard. Apply in that order. That is all.

We have been fascinated by the thought that human beings were born to run. Christopher McDougall's thought provoking book by the same title makes compelling arguments for running as natural human behavior. He even provides insight on how/why this is possible over long distances and not-so sparingly throughout the lifespan of a person. He's not alone. Dr. Tim Noakes expounds on the unique physiology of bipedal running behavior in his book "Waterlogged The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports." Dr. Noakes cites many references to experts and professionals who believe early humans' very survival was linked to outrunning big game like eland, kudu and antelope.  

Humans outrunning eland, kudu and antelope?  Yep. Wanna see them do it? Click HERE and watch it for yourself. It's a hunt, so if you are squeamish you might want to skip the end part. The action starts at the 56:30 mark. It is a very long video chronicling the unique hunting lifestyle of the modern !Xo tribesman of the African savannah. It lasts over an hour. Yes, I watched all of it. Fascinated. Oftentimes over the years I've read stories of humans running down large game, over many hours, on little food or water. Never fully believed it. Well ... this video makes it hard to dispute.

This made us laugh hard. We caught him doing this in kid's class. Made him demo it for us. We are convinced this kid is brilliant.