warm-up -

800 m run
100 situps

workout -

Perform 5 sets each of the following: 

5 deadlifts AHAP
15 incline pushups  

Post weight used for DLs and consecutive reps per set of pushups to comments. 

A five set is not meant to be maximal effort.  We do max efforts down in the 3-2-1 rep ranges. It'd be a mistake to jump on the bar today and do a true max set of 5 reps.

If you were to get more scientific about your weights today, you'd be best served by determining your 1 RM and then calculating a percentage (see below).

To do this correctly you have to prepare for it well in advance. For this, complete the warm-up as described above. From there, complete 3-5 sets of increasingly heavier weights. Begin with a 15 set at a light to moderate weight. Rest 5 full minutes between sets. Subtract 3-5 reps per set and progress the weight slowly from light to heavy. Once you've completed the warm-ups (it should take a solid 20-30 mins), try to determine your 1 RM over the next 2-4 sets. This shouldn't need to be said, but we'll say it anyway - USE STRICT FORM! There is no purpose in injuring yourself in preparation for exercise. 

Once you've determined your 1 RM use 86% of that weight for your sets of 5 AHAPs today. 

Somehow you can always spot the guys who Rx their lunges. (Scott)