Complete 5 sets of each of the following.  Rest 90 sec between each exercise. 

10 DB skull crushers AHAP
10 side lateral raises AHAP
10 BB biceps curls AHAP
10 dead lifts 95/135

Post weights used to comments. 

Lets slow things down again today. Hit the rest of our body as we did with the anterior torso yesterday. There is much benefit to be found in the slow stuff. 

Keep it strict to get the most out of your exercises today.

By "rest 90 sec between exercises" we mean per body part.  Notice that biceps are generally unrelated to dead lifting.  This means, if you like, you may perform dead lifts (or any other recommended exercise) in between biceps sets. This is a good technique if you are in a hurry today. 

If you aren't in a hurry, there may be slightly more benefit (and we are splitting hairs here) in doing the exercises in straight sets.

Lifesaving Bench Press Tip: Don't use bar clips on the bench press.  Especially if benching alone. What looks like an epic bench press fail in the video below is actually the only thing that will save your life if you somehow get pinned underneath the bar without a spotter.

Also, it is best if you have a spotter when benching.